The best players in College Football 25 have been revealed, with Shedeur Sanders taking the #1 spot at QB. EA Sports currently has the Colorado Buffaloes' QB as their highest ranked QB in the game, with only one other QB tied for the same OVR. This puts him above other players like Quinn Ewers, Jalen Milroe, and more. Let's take a look at this controversial ranking, and try to understand why Sanders earned the top spot.

What Is Shedeur Sanders' Rating in College Football 25?

Shedeur Sanders is tied for the best OVR rating in the game for QBs with Carson Beck, as both players will have a 93 OVR rating at launch. Despite Colorado's mid-to-late season woes, EA Sports still considers Sanders, as well as teammate Travis Hunter, to be among the best players in the game. Before we make our analysis, let's take a look at his Attributes, which are responsible for making him the best QB in College Football 25.

Shedeur Sanders College Football 25 Attribute Ratings

  • Speed – 80
  • Acceleration – 85
  • Strength – 72
  • Awareness – 98
  • Jump – 84

Does Shedeur Sanders Deserve The #1 QB Rank?

When you look at the stats, you'd probably believe Shedeur Sanders is the best QB, too. In 2023, He completed nearly 70% of his passes, and scored 31 total touchdowns. Furthermore, he only turned the ball over 5 times (3 interceptions, 2 lost fumbles). So you can see he's very safe with the ball, and is a very accurate thrower.

When you watch him on the field, you'll notice right away that Sanders has arm strength. In 10 of 11 games played last year, he completed at least one pass in which a receiver earned 40+ yards. Additionally, he's a great scrambler, who can keep plays alive should the O-line start to crack. Overall, Shedeur is a very talented athlete, one who brings a lot of excitement to Colorado.

But while Sanders is a great player on paper, there's a few things we question about his playstyle.

Firstly, Sanders was sacked 52 times in 2023. And while a lot of the blame goes on the offensive line and coaching, there were plenty of times we saw Shedeur take hits instead of throwing the ball away. And just like the rest of the team, Sanders struggled often after the first three games of the season

In his first three games as a Buffalo, Sanders scored 3+ total touchdowns, completed over 73% of passes, and threw 348 or more passing yards per game. In the eight other games he started in, he only:

  • Completed over 70% of passes in ONE game
  • Earned over 348 passing yards in TWO Games
  • Finished with 3+ Touchdowns in THREE games

While this doesn't mean Sanders played bad by any means, it just adds to reason that the team lost their magic early on. So understandably, there's a lot of concern as to whether the same will happen in again in 2024.

Regardless, EA Sports still feels Sanders has huge upside potential as he enters years 4 of his collegiate career. With new talent on the roster, and HC Deion Sanders heading into Year 2, we can understand the optimism.

Plus, if you consider the other QB talent in the league, it's not hard to imagine Sanders ranking as one of the best. There's a lot of new talent this year taking snaps for the first time, or in a new home. We at least know what we have in Sanders, and that's a competent QB capable of winning games.

At the very least, Sanders wasn't given an extremely high rating like a 97 or something. So we can live with him earning the top spot for now. But, many are going to wonder if he should receive such a high rating. At the end of the day, EA Sports will adjust player ratings as the season fluctuates. So we'll see if Sanders can maintain that high OVR in College Football 25.

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