Colorado football has been dealt a major blow. Deion Sanders announced Monday that two-way star Travis Hunter will be out for three weeks after Saturday's vicious hit versus Colorado State, per Carl Reed of 247Sports. Skip Bayless also reported live on Undisputed that Hunter is dealing with a lacerated liver. Brutal.

In case you missed it, Colorado State defender Henry Blackburn clearly targeted Hunter with an absolutely disgusting dirty hit that should've resulted in much more than just a personal foul:

As you can see, Blackburn went straight for Hunter's midsection. Not surprising to see that he has a liver injury. The youngster was in excruciating pain. This injury couldn't happen at a worse time for Travis Hunter and Colorado given what their upcoming schedule looks like.

Deion Sanders' group faces its toughest test yet on Saturday as they head to Eugene, Ore., to face Bo Nix and the Oregon Ducks. After that, it's a matchup with the USC Trojans and the Arizona State Sun Devils. Hunter will miss three of the most important contests of the year. Devastating.

Hunter sustained the hit in the second quarter Saturday and did return briefly but ended up exiting again and going to the hospital. Following the OT win, Sanders made it clear Colorado will be doing everything to make sure his WR/CB comes back in tip-top shape no matter how long it takes:

“We’re going to do what we got to do to take care of him,” Sanders said. “I know Travis like a book. He’s probably going to want to be out for two weeks, but his health is more important than this game.”

Hunter has already made headlines across the college football world, playing over 110 snaps in Week 1 and shining on both sides of the ball. He's a true Swiss Army knife who could change the game at the next level given his abilities out wide and as a weapon in the Buffaloes' secondary.