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Colts QB Andrew Luck having no setbacks during training camp

Andrew Luck, Colts

Much of the focus around the Indianapolis Colts has been around the health of Pro Bowl quarterback Andrew Luck in his gradual recovery from the shoulder surgery.

Luck has taken some significant steps forward in the last several weeks that has seen an increased involvement on the practice field with him throwing the ball to a great degree that has tested his strength and conditioning of his arm. According to Mike Wells of ESPN, the 28-year-old has voiced that he hasn’t experienced any setbacks with the process only the soreness from the high level of activity.

Things appear to be headed in the right direction toward Luck being able to take the field for Week 1 action against the Cincinnati Bengals in just over a month. The soreness that he is experiencing is something that has come to be expected with him being out of action for an extended period of time as he physically gets used to it once again.

At the same time, it is an entire process that he hasn’t been through in quite a while as this is the first time he has been in training camp since 2016 that has put him in the spot of having to knock off all the rust from being away from the field.

The Colts will continue to monitor the situation moving forward with eyes toward getting him prepared for the upcoming season.