Colts news: Indianapolis parts ways with offensive line coaches
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Colts part ways with offensive line coaches

dave deguglielmo, bobby johnson

The Indianapolis Colts were booted out of contention for Super Bowl 53 last weekend, and now, they are shifting their focus on making changes, beginning with their coaching staff.

On Tuesday, the Colts announced that they had gone separate ways with offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo and assistant offensive line coach Bobby Johnson.

Whereas Johnson’s exit from Indianapolis is understandable, considering he’s moving up a notch in position somewhere else, DeGuglielmo’s firing prompts plenty of questions.

For one, he was a key figure in the dramatic improvement of the Colts’ vaunted offensive line. Under DeGuglielmo, Indianapolis was the only team in the regular season to allow fewer than 20 sacks, surrendering just 18 quarterback takedowns over the course of 17 weeks. The Colts’ pass protection finished with a league-best 2.86 sack percent clip and second to the New England Patriots in adjusted sack rate at 4.0 percent, per Football Outsiders.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network offers one explanation as to why the Colts handed DeGuglielmo his walking papers.

Stunner: The #Colts are letting OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo go, sources say. That line made tremendous leaps this season. But Frank Reich wants his own guy. DeGuglielmo was the only offensive coach Josh McDaniels had hired. Reich is actually recommending him to other coaches.

With the astounding job he’s done in Indianapolis, it would be a surprise if DeGuglielmo remained unemployed once the 2019 NFL regular season rolls around.