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RUMOR: Tom Brady had interest in Colts in free agency

Tom Brady, Colts

Tom Brady will spend at least the next two years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he also had an interest in joining the Indianapolis Colts.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, even though Brady had an interest in Colts, they wanted the shorter term deal which is why they went with Phillip Rivers:

“Though the Brady camp had interest in Indianapolis, the Colts seemed to be set on Philip Rivers on a shorter deal. All other teams in his universe (the Chargers most notably) were further from Brady’s New York home.”

Brady got a two-year contract fully guaranteed with the Bucs, while Indianapolis only signed Rivers to a one year deal. Even though it’s only a one year deal for Rivers, he made clear he would like to spend the next few years in Indianapolis.

Getting used to Brady in a Buccaneers uniform will take a while, but it would take even longer if he was wearing a Colts uniform. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had many big-time battles while Manning was a member of Colts. For many Colts fans who grew to hate Brady because of the battles, it would have probably taken some time for everyone to get fully on board.

There are always a lot of what if’s, but next season Brady will be with the Bucs, and Rivers will be with the Colts.

Who knows, maybe if Rivers and Brady both have big seasons, it could be the Colts and Bucs in the Super Bowl.