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Adam Schefter doesn’t see Urban Meyer ending up with the Cowboys

Urban Meyer, Cowboys

ESPN insider Adam Schefter appearing on GetUp said he doesn’t think that former Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer will end up with the Dallas Cowboys. He did mention, however, that he does think the Cleveland Browns are an interesting team to watch in regards to Meyer.

Schefter also added he doesn’t think that Jason Witten ends up as the Cowboys’ head coach, at least not now. He revealed there are many in the league who believe Witten at some point will be the head coach, but if he was to be hired this go-round it would probably only be as a fallback option.

It’s interesting that Schefter is even bringing up Witten right now because there is also a chance he could come back as a player next season. Before anyone can really be considered, one important thing needs to happen that hasn’t yet, the team needs to move on from Jason Garrett.

Meyer going to the Browns would be an interesting match, but it does make a lot of sense because of how close he is with owner Jimmy Haslam.

The Browns need to hire the right coach and Meyer could be taking a big risk with the Browns job, because if he fails it would be a big hit on his legacy.

If he was able to turn it around and stay in the NFL for a while, he could be considered one of the best football coaches ever, and the guy who finally was able to turn around the Browns.