Dak Prescott's brother, Tad Prescott, didn't hold back in his criticism of Skip Bayless amid the veteran commentator's onslaught of hot takes towards the Dallas Cowboys star and other NFL quarterbacks.

Bayless is known for his rather controversial remarks towards players, all for the sake of making headlines and sparking talks and debates among viewers. Clearly, however, Tad is tired of all the wild and inconsistent takes that the FOX Sports personality spews out day in and day out.

“Skip Bayless, will tell you Dak isn’t good, although he used to love him. Will tell you Aaron Rodgers is Washed up, & Lamar Jackson can’t get it done, but in the same breathe will tell you Baker Mayfield is a good Qb. I’m done with these shows,” Tad wrote on Twitter.

It is definitely easy to see where Tad Prescott's frustration is coming from. Sure, that's the brand of sports commentary that Skip Bayless has established, but that doesn't mean it's great at all. While Bayless has his fair share of fans who likes his work, he also has plenty of haters who has learned not to take his remarks seriously.

Prescott certainly makes a great point emphasizing all the rather bizarre takes of Bayless. He did call Aaron Rodgers “washed” after the Green Bay Packers lost to the Tennessee Titans, though it wasn't too long ago when he was full of praise for the QB after taking down Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

And of course, who could forget about how Bayless recently said that Baker Mayfield can light it up? All while also criticizing the likes of Lamar Jackson and Kirk Cousins?

At this point, Tad will certainly be better off not watching any Skip Bayless show.