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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott gets brutally honest on heartbreaker vs. Raiders

Dak Prescott Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys emerged as one of the biggest threats through the NFL’s first 10 weeks of action. But after back-to-back losses on consecutive weeks, the wind in their Super Bowl sails has wavered just a bit.

Their offense went cold in Week 11, as Dallas was held to single-digits for the first time this season against the Chiefs. They had no problem scoring against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 12, but were on the wrong end of a few crucial penalties that stymied their comeback bid.

Quarterback Dak Prescott was reassuring post-game but understood that the last two losses may have depleted their contingent of believers.

“We’ll be OK,” said Dak Prescott after the Cowboys’ defeat. “I’m sure there’s some people jumping off the bandwagon, but we know what we’re capable of.”

Dak Prescott was no slouch for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. He tallied 375 passing yards for two touchdowns for the game. But Raiders QB Derek Carr matched him every step, with 373 yards and one TD of his own.

But the penalties and key points proved to be too much for the Cowboys. They were penalized a total of 166 yards, including the game-deciding pass interference call against Anthony Brown in overtime when the Raiders were facing a 3rd-and-18 situation.

The Thanksgiving vibes would be completely different if a few calls went Dallas’ way, which is exactly what Dak Prescott is preaching. The NFL is oftentimes a game with the slimmest of margins. The Cowboys have stumbled quite a bit, but they’re far from a downtrodden team.