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Dak Prescott’s heartwarming take on first Cowboys home game since injury

Dak Prescott, Cowboys

Dak Prescott has been away from the Dallas crowd for far too long, and he knows it. The Dallas Cowboys QB hasn’t played in front of the home crowd since his season-ending injury in October 2020.

A few days before the Cowboys face the Philadelphia Eagles in Dallas, Prescott talked about how excited he is to play at home once again. (via ESPN)

“I think it will be more special just because of the amount of Cowboys fans that will be there versus the away games… knowing when I run out there once again, whether it’s pregame, whether it’s in a moment within the game, just to be able to see up there and know that after COVID and what we all went through last year, to have them all back, yeah, it will be exciting.

Prescott missed a chunk of the 2020 season and the 2021 pre-season after suffering an ankle injury. The Cowboys QB has since made remarkable strides in his recovery, having a solid two games for the Cowboys against the Bucs and the Chargers. Now, playing in front of the home crowd, Prescott feels the excitement that the Dallas crowd will bring to their games.

However, Prescott knows that he shouldn’t get too caught up by the moment.

“I’ll take that moment, I’ll be thankful for it, but then flip the mind right back again to the Eagles’ defense and what I have to do to win the game.”

Hopefully, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys can put on a show for the Dallas faithful and give them a great game against the Eagles.