Cowboys news: Dallas drafts Western Kentucky quarterback Mike White
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Cowboys draft Western Kentucky quarterback Mike White

Entering the draft, the Dallas Cowboys had certain positions they needed to address. A quarterback was not one of them, but that didn’t stop the Cowboys from taking a quarterback when their turn came up in the fifth round Saturday afternoon.

With the 171st overall selections of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected Western Kentucky’s Mike White.

If you overlook the fact that the Cowboys have a guy (you know—Dak Prescott) going into his third season currently starting and 24-year old Cooper Rush as his back-up, it isn’t a bad selection by any means. On paper, White is the kind of guy NFL teams love to see if they can develop into a starter.

He’s 6-foot-5 and 224 pounds. His career was split between South Florida and Western Kentucky. He started 42 games between the two schools. In those starts, he completed 62 percent of his passes for 11,262 yards with 74 touchdowns and 31 interceptions.

Not bad.

But with Kellen Moore hanging it up and becoming the team’s new quarterback coach, the Cowboys could use a promising young player as the new No. 3 quarterback. Like when Prescott was the No. 3 during the preseason of his rookie year, they hope they don’t need him.

But it doesn’t hurt to have him.

As a player, he isn’t a bad selection. But the Cowboys had needs at offensive tackle and safety they could have addressed and didn’t. Instead, they selected a guy they know is going to be a third-string player at best.

After digging in, most would agree that it doesn’t make sense.