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Report: Cowboys hold advantage in Jamal Adams trade discussions

Jamal Adams, Cowboys

Jamal Adams is involved in trade rumors and the Dallas Cowboys have emerged as a possible landing spot once again. Compared to other teams that could express interest in him, the Cowboys hold an advantage in Adams trade discussions.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher, there are some people close to Adams that believe he could take less money to join the Cowboys. Of course, this would contradict what the All-Pro safety is seeking to receive from the New York Jets or another team.

Recently, it was discovered that Adams and the Jets came to an impasse on contract talks. Even though he has two years remaining on his rookie deal, Adams wants a long-term extension from New York. However, the Jets haven’t shown much interest in appeasing to Adams’ demands.

Therefore, many are beginning to believe that the versatile safety could be made available sometime in the near future. Seeing that Eddie Jackson received a contract that pays him $14.6 million annually, Adams likely wants to surpass that number.

But if he were to be acquired by Dallas, he could accommodate the Cowboys and take a hometown discount. Adams, who’s expressed his desire to spend his entire career in New York, is a Dallas native.

Just last season, the Cowboys and the Jets reportedly had conversations about a trade involving Adams. Despite the talks ceasing, Adams shared that he would’ve loved to go to the Cowboys if a trade were to occur.

Fast forward to now and those conversations could heat back up this offseason. If Adams is in fact willing to accept less money, a trade to Dallas could become a lot more feasible.