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Cowboys are not taking penalty-riddled loss vs. Raiders sitting down

Cowboys, Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy and the Dallas Cowboys want answers after their penalty-riddled defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 12.

While it was Thanksgiving and the Cowboys had plenty to be thankful about, the officiating in Thursday’s loss is not one of them. In fact, McCarthy admitted he has already talked to the NFL about the officiating and penalties in the game, which saw them fall to the Raiders 36-33.

“This game was totally off the trend line, as you can see as far as statistics. I’ve already talked to the league this morning, and I anticipate a second conversation, maybe this afternoon,” MCCarthy said early Friday, per Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

It’s hard to blame Mike McCarthy for his reaction, though. After all, fans of both teams were probably annoyed watching the game as well. Both the Cowboys and Raiders incurred 28 penalties overall–14 each–for over 1oo yards. Apparently, it is the first NFL game in 18 years where both teams were given that much penalty.

The Cowboys were awarded 166 yards awarded off those penalties–which is a franchise record–while the Raiders gained 110 yards. However, it proved crucial in the contest after Anthony Brown was called for a pass interference penalty that eventually set up Las Vegas’ game-winner.

McCarthy was naturally frustrated, and he made it known in his talk with reporters on Friday.

“Yesterday’s game was extremely frustrating. It was very herky jerky. The officiating was a big part of the game,” McCarthy added.

It’s unknown how McCarthy’s talk with the NFL went and if there is any action that will be taken. However, it is certainly a development worth keeping an eye on.