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Cowboys-Raiders brawl spills into post-game after Trysten Hill punch

Trysten Hill, Dak Prescott, Cowboys

Thursday’s Thanksgiving matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders got a little ugly. Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph and Raiders safety Roderic Teamer were ejected after getting into a scuffle that very nearly cleared the bench. It’s not the best look for a nice, wholesome Thanksgiving game.

Apparently, though, this saga didn’t end after the game. A keen-eyed viewer on Twitter, @Mr4thandLong, caught a moment between Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill and Raiders guard John Simpson. See this moment for yourself.

Hill and Simpson both seemed to be in an argument. All of a sudden, Trysten Hill, the Cowboys’ long-time DT, threw a punch at the Raiders’ guard. Simpson and Raiders star defensive end Maxx Crosby immediately stepped in to confront Hill about that punch, which sent Simpson’s helmet flying off his head.

Hill’s punch was likely a result of the frustration building up since the beginning of the game. The Cowboys were plagued with penalty calls all game, some of which the team felt was undeserved. Dallas cornerback Anthony Brown was called for four penalties alone. While the frustration obviously doesn’t justify the punch thrown by Hill, it does explain what could’ve led him to do his actions.

Expect the league to hand out fines for this post-game fight between the Cowboys and the Raiders. Fighting and throwing punches has no place in the NFL, or in any league for that matter. It’s on the players to control their tempers and channel their emotions into the game. As for Hill, it remains to be seen if the Cowboys will issue their own penalties on their own player.