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Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins says Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott is the best ‘contact back’ in the NFL

Malcolm Jenkins, Ezekiel Elliott, Eagles, Cowboys

There may be no love lost between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles as top-tier rivals in the NFC East Division. Regardless, safety Malcolm Jenkins gives credit where it is due: to running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Malcolm Jenkins admitted during an appearance on Brian Baldinger’s show, NFL Game Pass Film Sessions, that Ezekiel Elliott is the best contact back in the league:

“I’d say Ezekiel Elliott is probably the No. 1 contact back in the league right now,” Jenkins said. “He’s looking to punish guys. He’s not trying to juke you. He’ll jump over you every now and then if you keep trying to go low, but he’s fine with just punishing the defender at the end of it.”

This is certainly high praise from Jenkins considering he has never been shy about making contact on offensive players every chance he gets. There is no question he has gotten acquainted with Elliott after squaring off multiple times every year.

Considering what the Cowboys’ star has done since his arrival, it is safe to say that there are not many defenders that would argue against Jenkins. Elliott’s rare blend of speed and power makes him a difficult tackle for even the toughest defenders. It is the reason why he has led the league in rushing twice in his three-year career. It is also likely the reason he is wants to be rewarded for it with a new, lucrative contract.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether that is in the cards for the Cowboys.