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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott handcuffed at music festival after shoving security guard

Ezekel Elliott

Police handcuffed Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott last weekend after he shoved a security guard.

According to TMZ Sports, the incident occurred during the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas.

Here’s the deal…the Dallas Cowboys superstar running back had been spotted in the parking lot at the Electric Daisy Carnival around 3 am on Saturday morning arguing with his girlfriend.

Zeke never puts his hand on the woman but he uses his body to block her from walking away several times during the argument. A short time later, Zeke and the woman are seen speaking with event staffers — when suddenly Elliott confronts one (of) them and says, ‘You got something to say!?’

Zeke gets in the staffer’s face and uses his body to shove the guy backward until the staffer hits a metal gate — that’s when Zeke uses his forearm to shove the guy to the ground. Zeke immediately throws his hands up and says, ‘I didn’t do anything!’

At this point, authorities rush to the scene and put Elliott in handcuffs. TMZ Sports spoke with his lawyer, Frank Salzano.

Salzano said authorities released his client shortly afterward. They neither formally arrested nor charged him with a crime. The security guard who confronted Elliott didn’t press charges. Salzano also told TMZ Sports event security “overreacted to the situation.” Elliott left for his youth football camp in Dallas the following day.

Even if Elliott left Las Vegas unscathed, he could still face discipline from the NFL it it determines he violated its personal conduct policy, per TMZ Sports.