Cowboys news: Ezekiel Elliott heads back to Cabo after diss from Jerry Jones
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Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott heads back to Cabo after diss from Jerry Jones

Ezekiel Elliott, Jerry Jones, Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones made headlines recently with his not-so-subtle shot at running back Ezekiel Elliott. It seems Elliott has since doubled down on his stance of staying away from the team.

Elliott’s camp was not shy about expressing their displeasure with Jones’ joke. According to Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Elliott has responded by heading back to Cabo San Lucas.

As the Dallas Cowboys return to Dallas from Hawaii, set to resume practice at the Star on Tuesday, holdout running back Ezekiel Elliott is headed back to Cabo San Lucas not in the best of spirits.

Elliott has held out the entire offseason with the hope of working out a new long-term deal. Unfortunately, the recent events that have transpired indicate that there has not been much progress in these negotiations.

Elliott’s absence has dominated the storylines coming out of Dallas through training camp and the preseason. Jones has only further fanned the flames of the situation by showering running back Tony Pollard with praise. His quip regarding Elliott came in response to a question about Pollard’s promising performance against the Los Angeles Rams in Hawaii.

The two-time rushing champ has often taken up sanctuary in Cabo throughout his career, especially this offseason. If Jones does have any hope keeping Elliott in Dallas for the long haul, this is hardly the way to go about things. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether or not the damage to their relationship has become irreparable at this point.