Cowboys news: Jason Garrett says Dallas doesn't use game-probability stats during games
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Jason Garrett says the Cowboys don’t use game-probability stats during games

Jason Garrett, Cowboys

In today’s age, much of the business and on-field decisions in the NFL are made with the additional help of statistics and forecasted probability.

We have seen many instances this season that involve decisions that might have once been questioned or flat out denied just 10 years ago, such as when teams decide to go for the two-point conversion after they score the first of two needed touchdowns, as going for two gives your team a higher probability to win the game instead of just playing for overtime.

Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett stated on Monday that his team does not use these in-game win probability stats to make decisions for his team.

The question came up when Garrett was asked why he did not attempt to go for it on fourth-and-7 when his team was down seven in the fourth quarter. At that point in the game with roughly six minutes left to play, Garrett felt as if the field goal was the best option given how his team was moving the ball and the situation.

The field goal in question looked to be the smart move, as the Dallas defense was able to keep the Patriots’ offense at bay and forced them into a punt. The Cowboys seemed to be exactly where they wanted as they handed the ball to quarterback Dak Prescott with around two minutes left to play.

While the final series did not turn out the way Dallas was hoping, the opportunity was in front of them and the team just couldn’t capitalize.

Dallas will look to bounce back this Thursday on Thanksgiving Day when they play the Buffalo Bills, a Thanksgiving tradition they haven’t missed since 1977.