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Cowboys’ Jerry Jones affirms desire for players, organization to ‘be a part of change’

Cowboys, Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys weren’t one of the teams to release a statement following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. But the longtime owner went on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan to affirm his desire for players and the entire Cowboys organization to ‘be a part of change’.

“I really want to say how our hearts as an organization, individuals in the organization, how our hearts go out to the individuals and the family members who have been affected by these times, these disheartening times that we’ve all seen on television,” Jones said, via 105.3 The Fan. “And I want our team and I want them to be emboldened to be a part of change. The dramatic change isn’t going to happen overnight, but I want our organization and our players to play a part in the movement of making this a better place in this country. I feel confident that our players have a can-do and what-can-I-do participation in it. I want what the Cowboys [can do] to help make this a better place.”

Mike McCarthy, the new head coach of the Cowboys, exclaimed that the players wanted to practice despite other teams canceling or postponing practice due to the incident involving Blake. Altogether, there were seven teams that canceled or postponed their practice on Thursday.

Similar to the tragic situation with George Floyd, Dallas spoke about the recent events as a team. While McCarthy spoke to the team, Jones wasn’t involved in any of the meetings due to being out of town.

Nevertheless, Jones seems adamant about members of the Cowboys creating change moving forward. With that being said, it remains to be seen if his stance on players kneeling during the anthem has wavered.