Cowboys news: Jerry Jones calls loss to the Patriots a 'significant setback'
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Cowboys’ Jerry Jones calls loss to the Patriots a ‘significant setback’

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Jerry Jones knows the Dallas Cowboys had a big matchup with the New England Patriots in Week 12. If they could pull out the upset victory, that would be a major statement win.

However, the Patriots ended up winning the game in a tight contest, 13-9. After the game, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke out and called the loss a “significant setback” for the team.

It’s hard to argue with Jones on this one. Yes, New England is 10-1 and arguably the best team in the NFL. Yes, the Cowboys are still in first place in the NFC East as well.

However, just because it was a lose to the best team in the NFL doesn’t make it hurt any less. Meanwhile, yes the Cowboys are still in first place in the NFC East, but not by much.

At just 6-5, Dallas is not exactly a strong division leader. If it wasn’t for their division being extremely weak in 2019, they might not be enjoying that top spot.

Even with the division being weak, Dallas finds themselves barely ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles (5-6).

And with the Eagles losing earlier in the day, this was a prime opportunity for the Cowboys to put some serious space between themselves and Philadelphia.

Instead, Dallas is still barely clinging on to that lead. And what might be worse, they have yet to prove themselves against winning teams, as they now have an 0-4 record against teams over .500 this season.

Jones clearly is not happy with how his team has performed up to this point, and Week 12 was a tipping point for the owner, as he feels his team suffered a significant setback against the Patriots.