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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confident Dallas will trade for vet, extend for 2-3 years

Jerry Jones, Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been many things since joining the ranks of the NFL’s owners. But one thing he has never been is dull. With the 2018 Draft just days away, he made sure the NFL loving free world would be talking about his team.

What did he do this time? He gave a specific indication as to what the team’s draft strategy may be.

Hmmm…so what on Earth could he be talking about this time? That’s a pretty specific claim to be making. The Cowboys have been linked to Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. But Seattle wanted a first-round pick, and the Cowboys smartly said no.

But the Cowboys do have ten selections in the coming draft. Maybe on the day of the draft, the Seahawks would be more willing to give up Thomas for a second-round pick. The team has needs they need to fill with their first-round pick, but fans would not be mad at them if the gave up a second-round selection.

It’s a theory that was floated on the NFL Network program, Good Morning Football, by Jane Slater on Monday:

“Of course, the Cowboys have three compensatory picks. Maybe, they do something with that 50th pick. But I think the thing that’s really kind of holding that one up is this notion of once you go ahead and make a trade you still going to have to come up with a pretty large deal for Earl Thomas when they sign a new deal in Dallas. Maybe, he’s a guy they wait until next year and go after.”

Of course, Jerry could just be blowing smoke to keep people guessing. Otherwise, fans have to be wondering who he’s talking about picking up. Luckily, they will not have to wait long to find out.