In a recent example of how the Dallas Cowboys are run, Dez Bryant chimed in on Jerry Jones' negotiation tactics. He basically confirmed a story that the Cowboys owner goes to the players directly and doesn't use the proper channel of having an agent with them.

The continuing discussion on how Jones operates in contract negotiations is heightened with the current situation in Dallas. It sheds more light on the issue of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper, who still haven't received their new contract extensions with the regular season just around the corner.

But Jerry Jones has made it clear that he does not meet directly with the players with no agents present as he said in a statement to The Athletic's Jon Machota.

“Let me be real clear about something, I don't negotiate with players,” Jones said. I share with players my thoughts about our team and about why I have the position I have. And I give them information as they're assessing their decision.”

Jones believes that what he does isn't necessarily a contract negotiation, but really advice. It's been rumored for decades that he's someone that meets with players directly to discuss these matters.

But with more of a spotlight shed on this, he's backtracking and going back on what he's really doing with meeting with players trying to get a new deal. Especially with the NFL Players Association doing an investigation into the matter at hand.

No contract talks have changed with the regular season about to begin.