Cowboys news: Jerry Jones doesn't believe Dallas is one of the top teams in the NFL this season
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t believe Dallas is one of the top teams in the NFL this season

Jerry Jones, Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys suffered the team’s third straight loss on Sunday afternoon with the team’s latest defeat, notably coming at the hands of the previously winless New York Jets. After Dallas started the season at a perfect 3-0, the Cowboys have underperformed against the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Jets, leaving team owner Jerry Jones bewildered — to say the least.

Not only that, but Jones does not believe that his Cowboys are currently one of the top teams in the NFL.

“I’ll say this. I think the way that we are by virtue of what you saw tonight, the Jets stepping up here and beating us like that,” Jones told reporters, via “I think it’s all about where you end up in your division. I think the competition against each other and the competition within the division, I think that’s where it all is.

“Now, ultimately, if you’re one of the really top teams, which we’re not, we are not… I hope that someday this season we could be one of the top teams. We certainly were not tonight. I hope that we can do better than just win our division, although I’ll take that right now in this circumstance. But I hope that we can get out there and get a little special positioning in the playoffs.”

The Cowboys remain on solid ground, however, as the rival Philadelphia Eagles are also an even 3-3 on the season with the NFC East serving as arguably the weakest division in the entire league.