Cowboys news: Jerry Jones just wants Dallas to 'win a damn football game'
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Jerry Jones just wants the Cowboys to ‘win a damn football game’

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been very outspoken this week about his team, and now he is making it very clear he wants to ‘win a damn football game.’

Jones was asked by Good Morning Football about the contract negotiations with Dak Prescott, and he made it very clear that it isn’t something that he is focused on right now.

“Let me just say this,” Jones said on NFL Network when asked about quarterback Dak Prescott‘s contract negotiations. “I think all of us, including the fans, wanna win a damn football game, OK? Now I know we’ve got a lot of other things to think about. Who’s coachin’? Who’s playin’? Who’s compared to another player someplace else? How ‘bout let’s win some ball games folks? We can take that other stuff. I’m not known as a guy who gets hand cramps when I’m writin’ checks, but I wanna win some football games.”

Jones also said that he has never got hand cramps when writing out checks, which is at least a hint that he is willing to open the pocketbook to give Prescott what he wants.

Prescott has led the Cowboys to a 6-5 record which is good enough for the NFC East, but there have been some games the team probably should have won that they haven’t, and it’s clear Jones isn’t happy with the direction of the team.

Jones has kept coach Jason Garrett on up to this point, but it’s probably going to take a heroic effort for him to keep his job past this season.