The NFL Draft is just around the corner and the Dallas Cowboys continue to make the headlines with rumors. It's no secret the Cowboys' offense is stacked while the defense is lacking. Many believe the smart move for Dallas is to focus on the defensive side of the ball in this draft, however, one player keeps catching the attention of Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, is showing his cards a bit in these rumors swirling around his interest in Kyle Pitts, per Bleacher Report. Based on their reports, Jeremy Fowler with ESPN shared, “the Cowboys could use some defensive help with the 10th pick in the first round, but the allure of Pitts is something to keep in mind:”

“People I've talked to around the league believe that they need defensive help, which they could probably get at 10. They wouldn't need to trade up if they took a cornerback, unless they are enamored with an offensive weapon, like tight end Kyle Pitts out of Florida.”

The Cowboys don't necessarily need Kyle Pitts, as their biggest needs are clearly on the other side of the field. However, taking Pitts would mean Dallas potentially drafts the best non-QB prospect available in the draft. To do so, they'd have to move up. According to Fowler, executives around the NFL believe the Cowboys' offense would become unstoppable if they landed Kyle Pitts.

“I spoke to a long-time executive who said that Pitts would completely take their offense to a new stratosphere. He is that kind of talent. So, if Jerry Jones wants to go that route, he's always a wild card on draft day. But in recent years, the Cowboys have been a little more sensible, so they could get a top cornerback staying where they are.”

Only time will tell if Jerry Jones pulls the trigger and selects Kyle Pitts in the draft. Jones is a man that gets what he wants and if he truly believes in Pitts' abilities, we could see Dallas move up in the draft and take the highly coveted tight end.