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Shannon Sharpe says Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is ‘clearly’ on the hot seat

Shannon Sharpe, Cowboys, Jason Garrett

Shannon Sharpe believes that Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is firmly on the hot seat, and he needs to accomplish a lot this season to keep his job.

Sharpe said during Undisputed on FS1 that he thinks at a minimum, Garrett needs to get to the NFC Championship Game if he wants to be in charge next year.

“I believe Jason Garrett needs to get to at the minimum to the NFC Championship Game. If the Cowboys thought he was their coach of the future, they would have extended him.. but they didn’t do that. He’s clearly on the hot seat.”

Sharpe saying Garrett needing to get the NFC Championship Game isn’t really anything new and heading into the season; that is what many expected he needed to do to get a contract extension during the offseason.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t exactly excited about the teams start to the season, but he hasn’t turned his back on Garrett yet.

After Garrett received a 15-yard penalty for throwing his challenge flag down in front of an official, Jones came to his defense.

“Oh, I hope the little darling didn’t hear something he hadn’t heard before,” Jones said via ESPN. “We should all stop the wheel over that if he got [a penalty for] abusive language.”

After the team jumped out to a 3-0 start against easy competition, the Cowboys have played tougher teams each of the last two weeks, and both games have resulted in losses.

If Garrett wants to keep the boss happy, he better get this team turned around quickly.