Stefon Diggs, the Buffalo Bills' star receiver and the brother of recently injured Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, has also hit out at ESPN's Bart Scott for his insensitive comments in light of Diggs' injury. This follows shortly after Diggs' teammate, Micah Parsons, called out Scott just hours earlier.

Via X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Stefon supported his his brother and asked the same question all NFL fans are thinking, “Bart Scott. Like what did you gain from that? Other than looking like a [clown].”

Scott is under fire for saying this in regards to Diggs' injury: “This is a major, major blow for Dallas and like Stephen A. always says, just wait something bad always happens.”

Considering Scott's past as player himself, it is baffling that he said that regarding a serious injury faced by another athlete. Parsons, who also posted his retaliation against Scott via X as well, put that sentiment into words perfectly.

““Wtf ?? He ole hating a** old head!! Lame asf!! This why I really don’t like talking to dudes in the media!! As a former player you are a lame asf bro! Just facts joking bout a man trying to feed his family and building a legacy! ESPN gotta stop letting corn balls on tv!!”

It seems that, all too often, sports media personalities leverage player injuries and issues to generate buzz on social media. Scott's words regarding Diggs' injury were unacceptable. In a moment where the NFL community should be coming together to wish an athlete who put his body on the line for his team and teammates a speedy recovery, there is no room for insensitive comments made to ridicule that player's situation.

Hopefully, Bart Scott does the right thing sooner rather than later and issues an apology to Trevon Diggs, his teammates and his family, none of whom deserve to hear about someone they care for being spoken about in that manner.