Despite serving as a six-time Super Bowl Champion, the Dallas Cowboys will not be retaining the services of the team's director of strength and conditioning in Mike Woicik. According to a recent report from Todd Archer of ESPN, Woicik will not return to Dallas in 2020 as former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy takes over the Cowboys.

Woicik won his six titles as a member of both the Cowboys and heralded New England Patriots.

“After spending the last nine years as Cowboys director of strength and conditioning in his second tour with the franchise, Mike Woicik will not return on Mike McCarthy's staff, according to sources,” writes Archer. “Woicik has six Super Bowl rings, three with the Cowboys and three with the New England Patriots.”

Even though the 2019 campaign has yet to come to an end technically, the Cowboys have already had quite the active offseason after missing out on the playoffs this time around. Most notably, Dallas did not renew the contract of longtime head coach Jason Garrett, a move that quickly paved the way to bring the aforementioned McCarthy on board as the team's latest head coach.

Despite leading the way atop the NFC East division for the majority of the 2019 regular season, the Cowboys were ultimately unable to cap off Garrett's time at the helm with a postseason berth as the rival Philadelphia Eagles managed to sneak in instead.

Thanks to Dallas' inability to play consistent football in 2019, Woicik will now begin seeking work elsewhere around the league.