Cowboys news: Travis Frederick reacts to controversial tripping call vs. Patriots
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Cowboys’ Travis Frederick reacts to controversial tripping call vs. Patriots

Travis Frederick, Cowboys

In the latest edition of the never-ending saga of NFL officials drawing ire from players, coaches, and fans, Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick was flagged on a “tripping” call against the New England Patriots on Sunday night in the two teams’ Week 12 matchup, ending in a late-game penalty and eventually a Patriots win in Foxborough.

Frederick, 28-year-old four-time Pro-Bowl offensive lineman, was very critical of the call against him.

Per Todd Brock in USA Today Sports’ Cowboys Wire:

“I don’t understand the rule, evidently,” Frederick told reporters after the game. “I need to get a clarification on that. When I tried to get a clarification on that, the umpire was nowhere to be found.”

The Patriots wound up winning Sunday’s bout 13-9 in a low scoring affair in one of the most watched regular-season games in over a decade. However, with the high ratings came more people viewing the matchup, and more voices raising question to the tripping penalty called on the sixth-year veteran center Frederick.

NFL Hall of Fame center Kevin Mawae adamantly rejected the officials’ tripping call, writing on Twitter “that is NOT tripping.”

After the defeat, franchise quarterback Dak Prescott shrugged off the controversy surrounding Travis Frederick and the call against him.

“I mean, that’s been all season long, so it’s no surprise,” Prescott said during his press conference in reference to iffy calls working against the team. “It’s nothing new. As I’ve said before and I’ll continue to say, I’m just going to play the play. That’s my job; I’ll let those guys do their job.”

The NFL has apparently tried to crack down on tripping non-calls to prevent injuries to offensive and defensive linemen, but the Cowboys were certainly unhappy with not one but two tripping penalties called on Sunday.