Cowboys video: Amari Cooper gives incredible breakdown of what he does
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Cowboys video: Amari Cooper gives incredible breakdown of what he does

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Amari Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys is widely regarded as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

According to a recent interview by former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner on, Cooper believes that his love of the game of chess also aids him during games.

When asked by Warner, “What’s your greatest strength? What do you believe separates you from other great players?” Cooper responded by saying, “Just being able to think three steps ahead of the guy. So as a receiver, my game is to try to make my route look like a different route than I’m actually running.”

Indeed, a big part of chess is the idea of predicting your opponent’s next move and trying to prevent a foe’s plan from taking shape. While that’s easier said than done, Cooper was able to tie that back to being an NFL wideout with aplomb.

Indeed, Cooper’s ability to read defenses through careful study – as well as his penchant for multi-dimensional, chess-style thinking – make him one of the most dangerous receivers in the league.

Over the course of five seasons in the league, the 26-year-old Cooper has amassed over 5,000 yards receiving to go along with 33 touchdowns, 357 receptions, and 584 targets. Cooper had his best season last year with the Cowboys as he amassed 79 receptions for 1189 yards and 8 touchdowns —  both of which were career-highs.

Of course, Cooper spent the first three and a half seasons of his career with the Oakland Raiders before being traded halfway through the 2018 season.