Cowboys video: Ezekiel Elliott wanted no part in talking to the media
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Video: Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott wanted no part in talking to the media

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Back in May Ezekiel Elliott found himself in a little bit of trouble. A video emerged of the Dallas Cowboys running back pushing a security guard at an event in Las Vegas. This become a widely talked about event as the NFL considered suspending the superstar.

However, the NFL recently decided that the incident wasn’t worth a suspension.

Despite that, many people still like to voice their opinions. That’s something you’ll notice when it comes to famous people. Everyone has opinions and they love to make sure their opinion is heard.

That goes for the media too. Sometimes it leads to animosity between players and members of the media. Elliott definitely has a reason to not be too happy with everyone in the media.

With that in mind, Elliott ran into the media at Sports Con on Sunday. However, he didn’t speak to them. In fact, he did the furthest thing from it. Elliott spotted the media and said “no”, then turned around and walked out.

You can argue that this wasn’t the best move by Elliott. However what you have to realize is how tiring it must get. Any NFL player is going to get hounded by the media when seen. Now imagine being one of the best running backs in the NFL and having a controversy surrounding you at the moment.

Elliott’s probably answered the same 10 questions for the last few months hundreds of times. It’s understandable that he didn’t want to hear those same exact questions once again. This was a much better solution than if he were to stay around and insult the media – so at least there’s that.

The relationship between Ezekiel Elliott and the media probably isn’t going to improve immediately following this incident. However, we’ll see what happens.