Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers of all time. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar has been in the news recently due to his high-profile move to Saudi Arabia. Still, even with his European career finishing the way it did, it is undeniable that Ronaldo is one of the greatest ever. He has won five Champions Leagues and five Ballon d’Or’s among countless other team and individual accolades. While his career has been outstanding, he has also found success in his romantic life in recent years. Let’s take a gander at the life of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend

This world-famous couple has been together since 2016. While the Portuguese star was already well-known, Georgina Rodriguez was just a sales assistant at a Gucci store.

Ronaldo just got out of a highly publicized relationship with model Irina Shayk, and the media jumped on the story of this young couple right away. Of course, Georgina Rodriguez had nothing to do with the breakup between Ronaldo and Shayk, and this new pair has been going strong for almost seven years now. She has accepted his previous three children and also birthed two of her own with the soccer superstar.

Georgina Rodriguez grew up in Spain, where she met Ronaldo, but was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 27th, 1994. Her mother is Spanish while her father is a Spanish Argentine. When Georgina was just one year old, her mother decided that there was no place like home, moving her daughter to the small city of Jaca in the north of Spain. She felt like she could use her amazing looks, so rather than going through further education after high school, Georgina embarked on a modeling career while working at the Gucci store for a stable job.

Rodriguez’s passions include dancing and modeling. Despite her dancing career not really panning out, Georgina did create an amazing career out of modeling. She has been featured in many magazines in Portugal, Spain, and, later on, in Italy, when the family moved due to Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus. Some of them include Women’s Health and VIP Magazine in Portugal, and Love Magazine and Nova Gente in Spain. In Italy, she was on the cover of Lux and Diva E Donna.

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However, Georgina Rodriguez makes most of her money through her Instagram page.

Georgina could be making upwards of $16 million per year just from her Instagram page, as per the estimate of Net Worth Spot. Her posts have incredible engagement and being the partner of the most-followed person on Instagram helps a lot. While her boyfriend is far ahead, Rodriguez’s 44 million follower tally is not something that can be ignored.

It is clear that Georgina’s roots in a small city in the north of Spain and working as a sales assistant in a Gucci store certainly helped motivate her to go beyond her relationship with Ronaldo and create something of her own.

When it comes to the family life that the pair built, it is really a two-part story. Firstly, Cristiano Ronaldo has three kids from two different women before he even met Georgina Rodriguez. His first child was from a relationship he had in the US, but the mother’s identity was never revealed. Then, through surrogacy, Ronaldo became a father to twins. After meeting Georgina, however, the couple decided to pursue an even bigger family. In November of 2017, just about a year after they began dating, Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to their daughter, the first biological child they had together. When it comes to their second child together, unfortunately, that is where tragedy struck.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez were expecting twins in April of last year. Unfortunately for them, during childbirth, it was only the female twin that survived. It was the biggest shock that the family experienced and sent ripples through the personal and business relationships the duo had. Ronaldo shared a lot of that during his now-iconic interview with Piers Morgan, but Georgina has largely kept quiet and continued supporting her boyfriend through everything he and they have been through.

Cristiano and Georgina have survived a lot. They moved across Europe a couple of times and now to a whole different continent and culture. Additionally, they have been through the worst of it, watching their child die during childbirth. However, they have kept on supporting each other and truly share an iconic and noteworthy love story.