A judge has ruled that international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is owed $334,637.50 in legal fees. The lawyer who represented a woman who filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo acted in bad faith, according to the ruling, and must pay the athlete the six-figure settlement.

Leslie Stovall represented Kathryn Mayorga, who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her in 2009. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department declined to charge Ronaldo with a crime. Ronaldo paid his accuser a $375,000 settlement in 2010.

Mayorga filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo in 2018, claiming that she was in psychological distress and coerced into signing the agreement. The lawsuit was dismissed in June last year by U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey of Las Vegas, who said that Stovall used stolen and leaked documents to prosecute the case.

“I don’t relish the need to sanction a lawyer,” judge Dorsey wrote in her order. “But when Kathryn Mayorga’s attorney, Leslie Stovall, Esq., sought out and relied on the cyber-hacked, privileged documents of Cristiano Ronaldo’s attorneys to resurrect Mayorga’s long-since-released claims, tainting this case in a way that disqualification could not purge, I unenthusiastically dismissed it as a sanction for that bad-faith lawyering.”

Ronaldo has denied the accusations against him and says that he engaged in consensual sexual acts with Mayorga.

The Portuguese soccer star claims that he was forced to pay $609,680 in unnecessary legal fees to fight the accusations that were made against him. Stovall allegedly used the website Football Leaks for confidential emails and documents that belonged to Ronaldo’s attorneys in order to defend Mayorga’s case.