Blazers point guard Damian Lillard has the unique opportunity to become the NBA’s most prominent rap figure, barring Shaquille O’Neal’s plans to release any more potential diss tracks.

With this title comes a sense of responsibility for what is being produced, and although common hip hop music today typically uses profanity, Lillard refuses to implement swears in his craft.

“I mean, it’s hard,” Lillard told ESPN. “It was harder when I first started because when I was writing rhymes before, I wasn’t putting it out so I could say whatever I wanted. But when I started putting it out, it was like you can’t curse, you can’t say nothing like that and I didn’t plan on doing it because I didn’t want to have that type of impact on kids. A lot of kids are following me.”

Looking out for our youth is vital in our society, especially during these trying times. Either way, Lillard has no issue rising to the challenge of producing quality music to his standard.

“I mean, not cursing makes you think harder. I read, I watch a lot of movies, I’m constantly living so I constantly having more to say. So, at this point I think it’s harder to do but I think I’ve just grown to know that that’s what it is so I don’t even think about cursing anymore.”