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Dana White drops truth bomb on Kayla Harrison’s past opponents

Dana White, Kayla Harrison

Dana White is not known as a man that minces his words. He has always voiced his opinion and it hasn’t always been kind.

The UFC President has been talking about Kayla Harrison lately as she is currently a free agent after finishing her PFL contract. It is not known if she’ll re-sign or leave the promotion yet.

There has been a lot of speculation that she could be looking to sign with the UFC where she would compete as a featherweight. She’s had trouble finding opponents in the higher weight classes.

Dana White has not been impressed by her level of competition so far. He did an interview with Yahoo! Sports where he discussed Kayla Harrison a little bit.

“Kayla Harrison hasn’t fought anybody yet,” White said. “She hasn’t fought anybody. Let me put in Amanda Nunes in with the girls that she’s fought – might be the first death in MMA, OK? And listen, I like her, I’ve got nothing against her. But c’mon, let’s be honest.”

It hasn’t been easy for Kayla Harrison to find good competition as she competes at 155 in the PFL. The division’s above 135 have seemingly always struggled to produce a high volume of top fighters.

It’s unclear what the plan is for Dana White and Kayla Harrison. It’s obvious that the UFC wants the biggest fighters to fight under their umbrella.

One thing’s for sure though, Dana White and the UFC are going to have to open up their checkbook because Kayla Harrison will not come cheap.