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David West is having Warriors championship ring fitted in his middle finger

David West

David West is fitting his NBA championship ring in the only finger that merits it after facing backlash for the often-pointed “ring-chasing” during his last two seasons — his middle finger.

The Xavier standout passed up on $11 million to play for a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2015-16 before joining the Golden State Warriors last offseason, finally getting to taste of postseason champagne after a victorious run in the NBA Finals.

Having re-signed with the Warriors for what’s likely to be his last year in the league in hopes of another championship to add to his showcase — West’s first NBA title will likely be the most special, and what better way than to flaunt it than in his middle finger for all to see.

“I just finished 14 years,” West said jokingly midway through his guest appearance in the Open Run podcast. “And ironically, the only fingers that I have left that can even fit a ring are both my middle fingers.”

“It couldn’t work out any better. I thought about it like, ‘Damn that’s the type of toll the game takes on you.’”

While he’s likely teasing people with his comments, West is a proud soldier who has gone to war during his long career in the NBA, hailed as the Associated Press National Player of the Year as a senior at Xavier back in 2003.

Having been a starter for most of his career, the soon-to-be 37-year-old took a step back as a cagey veteran and made the most of his minutes in a talent-filled roster, bringing his passion and intensity, along with the proverbial middle finger to his opposition — one he can now gloriously display adorned by championship bling.