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Defense Grid: The Awakening is Epic Games Store free game July 22 – 28

Defense Grid Key Visual with the Epic Games Store logo

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a tower-defense classic from over ten years ago. However, the game still holds up to today’s standards. Epic Games Store users can get the game for free this week.

Defense Grid: The Awakening puts players in the shoes of a military commander. To defend your military bases from an alien invasion, you have to strategically manage resources and place towers to slow their advances. The aliens will attempt to steal the planet’s Power Cores, which you’ll have to prevent. If ever the aliens manage to reach one of the Power Cores, no problem. Take them down before they escape and you will be able to take back the Power Core. You will clear the level even if you manage to keep just a single Power Core, but where is the fun in that, right?

Defense Grid: The Awakening features fifteen types of enemies, each with unique traits. There are tougher aliens protected by shields, but that’s no problem. Part of your arsenal are powerful towers, and you can take care of any kind of enemy the aliens throw at you. However, this requires a lot of strategizing and tactical deployment of your towers. Thankfully, towers cannot be damaged by the aliens. They really are just interested in those Power Cores.

Defense Grid: The Awakening will be free-to-keep on the Epic Games Store from July 22-28, 2021.