The Denver Broncos got into the win column after beating the Houston Texans 16-9 in Week 2 of the season. However, with the way the Broncos performed makes the win seem like it wasn't actually a victory.

For the majority of the game, Denver struggled in many aspects. Many of the struggles seen in Week 2 were also seen in their Week 1 loss against the Seattle Seahawks. Will they be able to fix their woes before they get deep into the season? Let's look at some takeaways from the most recent Broncos victory.

Broncos Week 2 Takeaways

The red zone continues to befuddle the Broncos' offense

One of the biggest issues for the Broncos in week one was their lack of capitalizing on red zone opportunities. In multiple instances in that game, the Broncos were a few inches away from being 2-0. But they simply could not get the ball into the endzone. During the game against the Texans, the Broncos' offense continued to stall in the red zone. In fact, the only time Russell Wilson threw a touchdown was in the fourth quarter.

It isn't rocket science. The Broncos need to find a way to score touchdowns to win. They simply cannot rely on the leg of Brandon McManus, because that will only get the team so far. The Broncos also reside in the high-flying AFC West. If they want any shot at getting out of the basement of the West, they need to capitalize on red zone opportunities. Scoring 16 points or less per game will not win games for long.

Don't underestimate the Broncos' pass rush

The departure of star pass rusher Von Miller left many wondering if the Broncos' pass rushing efficiency would dwindle. While it is obviously hard to find someone to fill the void left by a future Hall of Famer, the Broncos' pass-rushing unit has done just fine so far this season.

So far, starting pass rushers Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory have gotten significant pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Baron Browning, Jonathan Cooper, and Dre'Mont Jones have all shuffled in and out to get their chance rushing the quarterback as well. Against the Texans, the Broncos' pass rushers racked up three sacks. One of those sacks ended up poking the ball free, but it took an unlucky bounce right back into the hands of a Texans player.

Keep an eye on the Broncos' pass rushers for the rest of the season. They certainly have the depth and talent to have success in this department.

Nathaniel Hackett still is working out the kinks as head coach

Week 2 of the season and the Broncos' coaching staff is still struggling. In fact, they looked even more discombobulated than the previous week. In one instance when the Broncos were set to receive a punt from the Texans, the Broncos special teams unit neglected to send out a punt returner and were forced to take a timeout. How does something like that even happen?

Many fans were suggesting Hackett relinquish play-calling duties to someone else so he can focus on being a head coach. With it being two weeks into the season, that scenario will most likely not happen anytime soon, or even at all. Head coaches rarely like to give that up. If anything, handing the duties to another offensive coach would just be handing it off to another inexperienced coach. The only offensive coach on staff with play-calling experience is Klint Kubiak.

Growing pains were bound to happen with a new head coach. Hopefully, Hackett and company find their stride soon before their difficult slate of opponents later in the season.