Diablo 4 will also have co-op mode much like past expansion and here’s a guide on how to do enable the game mode. Diablo 4 can be purchased with a lot of editions so make sure to check that out. There is also a bonus while playing co-op in Diablo 4 so make sure to check out this guide for that as well.

The latest expansion of the most awaited franchise of Blizzard is here for its beta version and is set for release on June 6 this year. Diablo 4 is already being played by some players with early access to the game and fans are already raving about it and could not wait for its full release. With its new dungeons to explore and a handful classes to use, it is only natural for players to also find friends to play it with, having thousands of content waiting for them in the game. 

Diablo 4 is actually encouraging most players to join up in parties more than the usual, not just only to clear dungeons faster and easier but also to promote the game’s difficult dungeons only parties can clear. The developers are highly encouraging players to play with others for this expansion. This time, Diablo 4 allows teammates to play in a split-screen co-op with friends on consoles. Here’s a guide on how to enable split-screen co-op in Diablo 4.

Enabling Split-Screen Co-op in Diablo 4

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In order to enable co-op for Diablo 4 on consoles, all you have to do is just connect a second controller and press the prompt button for each specific console. One player only needs to purchase the game for the second player to play along the main player. Consoles have couch co-op however, it just means that there is no local co-op for PC players. You can still play with others online by connecting with each other but for now, the PC version doesn’t support it yet.

Bonus XP in Diablo 4 Playing Co-op

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Blizzard has given an incentive to those playing in co-op by having bonus XP for each player. Everyone in the lobby will gain an additional 5% of XP, and can earn up to 10% in bonus XP. That way, both players would get to help each other leveling together. This will surely help players in completing the listed achievements and getting their beta rewards in no time before the official release of Diablo 4. It is definitely highly encouraged to play with your friends to get everything before the beta version is finished. 

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