L.A. Clippers president and head coach Doc Rivers quickly annihilated rumors of him turning down a trade for New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony which allegedly included his son, Austin Rivers, according to TMZ Sports.

“That's not true,” Doc Rivers said on the way to his car after leaving Madeo in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night.

The rumor caught traction after L.A.-based ESPN anchor Michael Eaves mentioned in his Facebook account that “New York offered Carmelo and Sasha Vujacic to the Clippers in exchange for Jamal CrawfordPaul Pierce, and Austin Rivers, a deal to which (Doc) Rivers ultimately said no.”

This bit of fire started a chimney's worth of smoke amid the Chris Paul trade to the Houston Rockets, adding to the list of possible factors that could cause his discontent with the team, and more pressingly — with Doc and his son Austin, who also took to Twitter to deny the rumors.

When faced with all the rumors, Doc asked for a base name to these, to which the TMZ interviewer replied by dropping Eaves' name, to which Doc said “Well, there you go.”

Eaves was part of the Clippers Live broadcast prior to making his way to Bristol, Connecticut as a SportsCenter anchor — but by the looks of it, Doc isn't really keen on his reporting.

The dual-title-holding coach also went on the Ryen Russillo Show on ESPN Thursday morning to refute these claims, saying that Paul simply left because he felt he had a better chance to win with James Harden — thing which he didn't agree with, but was ultimately Paul's decision as a player.

Rivers has been nothing but complimentary toward Paul and while aware of what a huge loss it is for the team, doesn't seem to resent him for choosing to go separate ways.