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Doc Rivers says all non-Warriors teams are just noise

doc rivers

Today’s NBA is considered by most to be a top-heavy league, with the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers as the cream of the crop in the West and East, respectively. But if this past Finals’ rubber-match between the two teams tells us anything, it’s that the Dubs are still on an entirely different stratosphere than the East’s most elite.

While this might echo the sentiment of the casual NBA fan, apparently the feeling is similar amongst the NBA’s fraternity.

In an interview with The Undefeated, Los Angeles Clippers head coach and president of basketball operations Doc Rivers agreed that the Warriors are on a whole different level than the rest of the NBA, until proven otherwise.

When asked whether or not he thought his Clippers are being “slept on” after the departure of Chris Paul, he offered up this interesting tidbit:

“Yeah, but I don’t mind that. They should. The team that everyone should be looking at is Golden State. Everyone else is just noise until someone proves they can beat those guys.”

It’s interesting to see an NBA coach so transparent about his team’s chances, or rather, lack of chances, but it’s hard to argue his point. The Golden State Warriors are THE team to beat in the NBA after their historic 16-1 championship run, and until someone proves they can beat them in a best-of-seven series, de-throning the Dubs is merely cock-eyed optimism.