Los Angeles Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw was announced as the 2022 MLB All-Star Game starter by NL manager Brian Snitker. This decision shocked some people since Sandy Alcantara was expected to get the nod. Even Kershaw admitted that Alcantara or Tony Gonsolin deserved the honor. 

“It's hard because obviously Sandy Alcantara, Tony Gonsolin, you can name a bunch, Max Fried, all these guys have better numbers than I do,” Kershaw said. “They should be starting this game and I get that. But all that to say, I'm just so excited I get to do it here at Dodger Stadium. I really didn't think anything of it at the time. I was like ‘yeah it would be fun to do it.' Now that it's finally here, and I get to start that game tomorrow night, it means a lot.”

Most people won't complain about Clayton Kershaw starting the 2022 MLB All-Star game. He is a future Hall of Famer who is already one of the Dodgers' best pitchers of all-time.

Out of pure speculation, I would assume Kershaw is removed after the first inning. Sandy Alcantara is a workhorse who consistently works 7 or more innings. So he may be called upon for the second and third before giving way to Tony Gonsolin.

Regardless of who follows Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers fans will be sure to catch first pitch with the left-hander on the mound. And the first at-bat will be worth the price of admission, as Shohei Ohtani is slated to bat leadoff for the AL All-Star team.