Los Angeles Dodgers starter Julio Urias was recently arrested after reportedly assaulting a woman. Urias, who has a history of domestic violence before this incident, was unsurprisingly shunned after this. The Dodgers proceeded to wipe any likeness of Urias in their stadium. On the other hand, MLB placed Julio Urias on administrative leave.

Now, the details behind Urias' arrest and the aftermath of the incident have been released. The victim of the violent incident suffered extensive injures. Here's the details, but keep in mind that these descriptions are graphic and could be upsetting for some people.

Per TMZ:

“The woman who (ex-Dodgers starter) Julio Urias allegedly roughed up at a soccer match earlier this month had blood coming out of her nose following the incident … law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports. In addition, we're told the woman also had strangulation marks on her as well as redness on her face.”

The report also revealed what exactly happened during the incident.

“We're told the woman who was with Urias got upset over the picture-taking … and left early — but as she was walking toward a gate, the Dodgers star came up from behind her, put his arm around her, slammed her against a fence, and pulled her hair… Urias then allegedly swung at her … though it's not yet known if he landed a punch… When Urias and the woman later got into a car service, cops say they were told something further may have gone down between the couple.”

That's… not a good look for the Dodgers star, as all of the facts seem to line up. The Dodgers have already distanced themselves from Urias, with Dave Roberts saying as much. Here's to hoping that the victim makes a full recovery, and that justice is served.