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Dodgers prospect avoids Tom Brady situation with 1st hit ball as Giants fan accepts trade offer

Dodgers, Miguel Vargas, Blake Treinen

Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Miguel Vargas experienced a moment most of us will never experience. He clubbed an RBI double in a major league game, his first career hit. However, his ball ended up over the fence.

The good thing is, the young rookie doesn’t have to worry about getting the keepsake back. The San Francisco Giants fan that caught the ball as it hopped over the fence gave it up, no issue.

Vargas ripped the run-scoring double in the second inning. Later, NBC Sports Bay Area caught footage of the Giants fan trading the ball for an autograph from injured Dodgers reliever Blake Treinen.

The recently promoted 22-year-old wasn’t done with his double, however. He hit an RBI single in the fourth inning, putting the Dodgers up 2-0.

It isn’t uncommon for sports fans to hold on to milestone memorabilia to command a large collection of gear from a team. It’s even happened to the greatest football player ever, Tom Brady.

Last year, Brady became the first player in NFL history to throw 600 career touchdowns. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans gave the ball to a fan. Brady had to track the fan down and figure out a trade in order to get the ball back.

In the end, Brady and the Bucs gave the fan a different game ball, a $1000 credit on the team’s store, and “something nice,” according to the future Hall of Fame signal-caller.

Luckily, Vargas and the Dodgers won’t have to give up a haul for the rookie’s first hit. The Giants fan gets his autograph, the Dodgers rookie gets his ball, and everyone is happy in the end.