The Los Angeles Dodgers are not dominating the National League West the way they have for nearly all of the last decade. While they find themselves in third place in the division, they still have great individual players who will represent the team in the All-Star Game.

Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez and Freddie Freeman will all be in the starting lineup for the National League, and Betts will also participate in the Home Run Derby for the first time in his career. Betts told reporters that he had received the word from his wife that he needed to take part in the popular contest.

The Home Run Derby will be held July 10 in Seattle, and the All-Star Game will follow the next night. This is the third time the Seattle Mariners will host the All-Star Game an the second time the game will be held at T-Mobile Park.

Betts has a below average slash line at .255/.355/.513 based on his career numbers, but he is hitting the ball for power. He has 20 home runs at the season's halfway point and 50 runs batted in. He has an excellent chance to top his career high of 35 home runs, set last season.

Mookie Betts admitted that he did not want to participate in the Derby, but he couldn't say no to his wife. “The wife said I have to do it. It’s the last thing I haven't done, so I'm gonna do it, have fun with it, and we'll see what happens.”

In addition to bowing to his wife's wishes, Betts said his mother told him not to finish in last place in the home-run hitting contest.

At 5-9 and 170 pounds, Betts is undersized for the contest, but he has extra motivation from his wife and mother.