The Noah Syndergaard experience for the Los Angeles Dodgers is decidedly not working out for both the pitcher and the team. Syndergaard crumbled on the mound yet again Wednesday against the Cincinnati Reds on the road, as he pitched for just three innings before getting taken off the hill.

After the 8-6 loss to the Reds, Dodgers manager  Dave Roberts revealed that Noah Syndergaard is dealing with a blister and fingernail issues, but also said that the pitcher's horrid performance in the Reds game and this season is more than just about those, per Jack Harris of The Los Angeles Times.

Sounds very likely that Noah Syndergaard is headed for the injured list Dave Roberts said he’s still battling his blister/fingernail issue, and that he could obviously use a mental reset amid his recent struggles, too

Roberts clarified that Syndergaard's struggles go far beyond his blister: “Obviously, I don't think we can sustain this pace of performance … We're trying to turn over all the stones and find an answer, but we can't come up with an answer.”‘

Syndergaard allowed six earned runs on seven hits, including a pair of home runs to the Reds before he was replaced on the mound. But thanks to the Dodgers' offense, he was able to avoid picking up a loss, instead getting handed a no-decision.

Noah Syndergaard has been testing the patience of the Dodgers in him for the most part of the season. If it weren't for a banged-up pitching staff, Los Angeles likely would have stopped starting Syndergaard a long time ago.

On the season, Syndergaard has a 1-4 record and 7.16 ERA over 12 starts.