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Urban Meyer, Browns

Does Urban Meyer have what it takes to be a good NFL head coach?

Urban Meyer retired “for good” for the second time when he stepped down from the Ohio State Buckeyes last season. However, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come out of retirement again and join an NFL team. Meyer has accomplished everything he set out to do in college football and it would make a lot of sense for him to make the jump to the NFL.

One team that has been closely connected to Meyer is the Dallas Cowboys who are expected to move on from Jason Garrett this offseason and although Jerry Jones said the team hasn’t had any contact with the former Ohio State Buckeyes coach, it makes sense for the team to take a close look at him.

“That’s not correct. I can confirm that it is absolutely not correct. We have not met with any coach,” Jones said via CBS Sports. “Not met with any, specifically, why in answering that question, I don’t want to imply we wouldn’t in a way that would diminish the credibility of a coach — or a player — that’s you’re asking about.

“Normally when somebody says ‘have you met with such and such’ or ‘are you interested in such and such’ and you say ‘I have not’ the implication is you’re not interested. That shouldn’t be brought forward either.

To start, Meyer has dealt with a lot of health issues and on the sideline during the last season with the Buckeyes, he always seemed to be in paid. There is a lot of stress involved with being an NFL coach, but there could be an argument made there is even more stress on a college coach, especially at a program at Ohio State and Florida.

In the NFL, there is a scouting department that does most of the scouting for the team so there is actual downtime for coaches in the offseason, something that isn’t available to college coaches who are always on the recruiting trail.

Meyer got a lot of big-time recruits, but getting a lot of big-time recruits doesn’t always mean them panning out. There is a ton of talent in the NFL that played under Meyer, including Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. That type of development would translate to the NFL and he would be able to get the best out of his players.

If Meyer does decide he wants to make the jump to the NFL he needs to be careful about what team he decides to go with.

There is a lot to lose for Meyer and he needs to pick a roster that has a lot of talent already on it, like the Cowboys.