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Josh Rosen has Dolphins’ starting QB job for rest of 2019 season

Josh Rosen, Dolphins

Josh Rosen’s career hasn’t gotten off to that kind of start he, or anyone, would have thought. After the Arizona Cardinals moved up to the 10th spot in the 2018 NFL Draft to select Rosen as their would be franchise quarterback, one would have thought he would be wearing a Cardinals jersey for the next 10 years. One would be very wrong.

A year later, Rosen was traded to the football wasteland that is the Miami Dolphins. After initially deciding on journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to start games for the team, head coach Brian Flores told reporters Wednesday that it would be Rosen who will start for the rest of the season.

This might be the first correct decision the Dolphins have made all season. There was no sound reasoning to not start Rosen as the team, who is already scouting Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, will be able see what exactly they have in Rosen and if the top 10 pick is worth keeping.

The franchise decided it was going to take an L on the season before they even played their first game. Starting Rosen not only gives him the rightful chance he deserves to prove himself and get a chance to show the team and the league what he’s got, but also lets the Dolphins advertise Rosen if the team eventually decides to trade him.

While it’s not the best situation for Rosen, it’s the one he’s got and will have to make the most of if he wants to be anything other than a backup for the rest of his career.