Dolphins news: Miami planning Hard Rock Stadium changes
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Dolphins planning Hard Rock Stadium changes to meet social distancing guidelines


The Miami Dolphins are already trying to make plans for what will happen if there needs to be social distancing at Hard Rock Stadium. Dolphins’ CEO/president Tom Garfinkel made an appearance on Good Morning America and showed mock-ups of new entrances into the stadium that would help adhere to social distancing.

Garfinkel referred to it as a church when people are exiting. They will let people out row by row to make sure there is still social distancing.

“We would have times to come in for security at different gates so people would be separated out, in terms of when they enter the stadium,” Garfinkel said via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN. “We would exit the stadium much like a church environment, where each row exits so people aren’t filing out all at the same time in a herd.”

He also said that there would be colors on the ground while fans entered to show the proper distancing from everyone. Dolphins fans would also be required to wear masks and would order food from their seats and just go up to pick it up so they don’t have to wait in line.

Hard Rock Stadium holds up to 65,000 in attendance, but the expectation is that many fans might not be able to be there in 2020. According to the Dolphins, they believe they might not have more than 15,000 fans taking in the games.

Watching the Dolphins will be a hot ticket with Tua Tagovailoa on the team, but getting a ticket could be extra hard to come by.