The Miami Dolphins absolutely destroyed the Denver Broncos in their NFL Week 3 matchup. Their 70-20 domination did not just come by any accident. Instead, it was the carefully crafted schematics that Mike McDaniel and the efficiently ran offense of Tua Tagovailoa that got them there. The Dolphins coach outlined why it is so easy to work with his quarterback despite all the criticism that they get, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.

“He’s the most coachable, best learner I’ve ever been around,” Mike McDaniel declared after their NFL Week 3 victory against the Russel Wilson-led Broncos.

Tua Tagovailoa held his own and knew exactly where his weapons were going. This netted him 23 completions on 26 attacks and 309 total yards for the game. The Dolphins had 10.2 yards per play which makes any secondary look silly as they completely crushed the hopes of their opponents. All of this meant that they stuffed the stat sheet to the brim. They had 726 total yards for the whole four quarters, 376 of them were passing yards while 350 were due to their running game. The huge icing and cherry on top were his four touchdowns.

Nonetheless, McDaniel knows that this is not at all a big deal to Tua, “It’s hard to get better, because it’s exhausting and you want to have that feeling of, ‘man, I’ve arrived.’ That’s not him … The sky’s the limit for him.”

The Dolphins were so close to breaking the single-game scoring record. But, they got the win and confidence needed for their next showdown against the Buffalo Bills.