Usually, athletes who lack stature certainly make up for their height by being freakishly shifty and insanely athletic. This makes guys like Spudd Webb, Mugsy Bogues, Roy Worters, and Jordan Marchessault among others very impressive in the eyes of fans. The same goes for guys in the NFL. Catching deep balls while running routes against defenders who are five inches taller surely makes someone stand out. This is why Wes Welker, most known for his New England Patriots stint, was so deeply beloved. However, one guy is not a fan. He goes by the name of Tyreek Hill and he plays for the Miami Dolphins.

When Tyreek Hill saw a post about who had the most hype from fans but lacked talent, only one name came into his mind. The Dolphins star immediately thought of his wide receiver coach, Wes Welker.

This did not elicit great reactions from Patriots and even just NFL fans in general.

One fan was quick to point out why Bill Belichick's weapon was so good, “You’re tripping. Perfect slot receiver. That’s like Jalen Ramsey calling you a return specialist.”

Others were even quick to lay out the Patriots legend's accolades, “Ouch. Wes went to 3 super bowls, he was unfortunate to not win one but he was one hell of a WR, Cheetah. Let's see how many more SBs you will get to without Mahomes?”

Some caught up to the fact that Tyreek Hill was just joking around to his coach in the Dolphins system, “Clearly it’s cuz it’s his coach … no way he believes that… 2× First-team All-Pro,2× Second-team All-Pro, 5× Pro Bowl, 3× NFL receptions leader.”

Members of the Patriots faithful even sided with him after they loved his years with the dynasty, “That’s cap bro New England Wes was different different.”

There were even a handful who agreed with the Dolphins star's take, “Welker wasn't good. Got stats due to volume.”

From Patriots legend to Dolphins coach

091211(Bill Ingram /The Palm Beach Post): Miami: New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker runs for a 99-yard-touchdown late in the fourth quarter of the game against the Miami Dolphins, Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, in Miami. The Patriots defeated the Dolphins 38-24. 091211 Spt Fins Wi 07 Jpg

Wes Welker did not have the easiest path to the NFL. But, he surely made the most out of his height and athleticism to produce a legendary 13-year career. The Dolphins and San Diego Chargers were the first teams to give him a shot but only four fumbles came out of him in his rookie year. Eventually, he got found his footing in the Dolphins system and started to light up elite cornerbacks and defensive ends.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots front office then decided to pair him up with Tom Brady. In his six-year stint with New England, that's where he truly shined. The former Texas Tech underdog became a crowd favorite and even led the league in receptions thrice throughout this time. At one point, Welker was so good at catching deep bombs that he grabbed a 99-yard reception for the Patriots.

His career would eventually reach its twilight. Nonetheless, he kept going. He finished it out with two seasons with the Broncos and a year with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Obviously, his age disallowed him from getting back into his Patriots form but the respect was still there. He then made his way into coaching and is now passing down knowledge to guys like Tyreek Hill.